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Geospatial Systems or Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  

Geospatial systems have been around for many years.  Commonly referred to as a Geographic Information System or GIS they have predominately been the responsibility of the "Technical Computing".  Sujo has been engaged to break this relationship and to show how  Geosystems are used to:

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improve Productivity and performance
  • Enable new ways of managing and organising
  • Develop new business.

 Sujo has "guided" our clients through the difficult process of integrating Geographic data with standard business requirements to provide a Spatial view of business problems.


  • Proven experience in delivering Geospatial systems on time and with budget.
  • Founded on simply low cost package technologies
  • Fully integrated FMS solutions available.
  • Provision for the maximum realisation of the required investment in Geospatial Systems
  • Experience with ESRI and Smallworld systems



Key Benefits

Geospatial systems can enable a significant structural change in the way organisations are doing business to gain a competitive advantage.

Geospatial analysis can enhance delivery of traditional products and processes.

Geospatial systems can be used to target specific customer segments using a map approach to problems.

Geospatial systems can improve the internal activities of the firm in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.



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