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Strategic Planning  
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Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning

IT is potentially a strategic weapon, capable of achieving strategic advantage in four different ways:

  • To gain competitive advantage
  • To improve Productivity and performance
  • To enable new ways of managing and organising
  • To develop new business.

Sujo has "guided" some of our clients through the strategic management process to enable IT to meet the above.  This planning process defined a set of activities that pertained to the delivery, development, deployment and use of technology in order to meet specified business objectives.


  • Objectives consistent with the business sector the firm operates in
  • Founded on core business priorities of the business
  • Followed the prescribed growth strategy of the firm
  • Allowance for a migration path to a future "right-sized" computing architecture
  • Provision for the maximum realisation of the required investment in IT&T
  • Substantial and sustainable benefits to the organisation within acceptable "industry" cost boundaries



Key Benefits

IT can enable a significant structural change in the way organisations are doing business to gain a competitive advantage.

IT can enhance delivery of traditional products and processes.

IT can be used to improve the organisation's approach to the market place.

It can improve the internal activities of the firm in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.



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